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We offer our products in a wide range of channels. Thanks to an omnichannel approach, Copar is able to increase the consumer reach on the one hand and to adapt it to the needs of the brand and product on the other. By offering unique and innovative confectionery products, all sales channels are accessible. 

Food retail 

The Dutch food retail landscape is characterised by a high degree of density with relatively small supermarkets. The supermarkets are “around the corner” for 80% of consumers.
Relevant confectionery knowledge, the uniqueness of the product and the constant stream of innovations created ensure a place at the negotiating table.

Non-food retail

Copar has built a strong relationship with various internationally operating non-food retail chains. Due to the distinctive character of the range, Copar can take up positions on the food shelf of non-food retailers.


Drugstores are strongly represented in Dutch retail. This channel is characterised by relatively high promotion pressure. Non drugstore items are taking up an increasing share.


Copar supplies well-known wholesalers, who in turn supply professional end customers. The specific channel knowledge present, in combination with a specific range and approach, ensures a close relationship with the relevant sales channel.

E commerce 

The share of online turnover for retailers has been growing for years. In addition, new online players are emerging who demand a place within the retail landscape. Thanks to the up-to-date PIM system (product information management), Copar is able to access real-time data to the various e-tailers.

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