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Copar has been active in the sales, marketing and distribution of confectionery for over 60 years and enjoys the trust of well-known national and international customers and suppliers.

The philosophy behind Copar’s success is to achieve a clear focus in one category, revenue growth and brand value for its brand owners.

The independent and certified partner for outsourcing all your sales, marketing, logistics and copack activities.

The approach is founded on the basis of internal and external data, translated into a concrete plan to achieve all objectives.

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Copar has access to all relevant sales channels and is therefore able to approach the consumer as much as possible with its product range.

A smart sales and marketing strategy optimises the reach of consumers and adapts it to the dynamics in market conditions. The playing field extends to both food and non-food retailers that are active in off and online sales channels.

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Why Copar?


Copar is certified and fully automated and thus meets the highest quality standards to meet regulations and requirements set out by its customers. By permanently investing in the platform, Copar strengthens its position and its stakeholders benefit from an efficient and effective market approach.


Copar is one of the top 5 suppliers of confectionery in the Dutch market. Due to the expertise and experience of our employees, this position can be maintained and Copar is able to compete with large global confectionery players. A no-nonsense approach and entrepreneurship characterize the Copar culture, as a result of which it has grown into a decisive player.

With 12,000 m2 of storage space, a perfect location on the A27, easily accessible from
the ports of Rotterdam & Antwerp and various copack options, Copar is a full service provider
that is able to grow your turnover in the Dutch market!